Pups are like....YUM!!

Their Humans Speak Out

"Hi Melanie,
My dogs loved the samples you sent home with my husband on Saturday. They have loved everything so far. I think your treats are a hit! I’ll let you know when we run out and I’ll order something new next time."

Amy T.

Our dogs are crazy about these treats!!

Erin T.

The muffins are AMAZING! There is a stampede any time the dogs hear any sort of paper crinkling in hopes of more treats! The box arrived in great shape and no broken treats! The prices are SOOO reasonable for yummy home made tasties!

Samantha E.

We received our order promptly and all the treats were intact with no crumbling. Our dogs are fussy with new food but three out of five dogs LOVE them! Andy, who is usually super fussy, is now standing by the counter hoping he can have one as we walk by. We ordered the Cheese & Thyme and the Spiced Pumpkin & Apple treats. They smelled so good I had to try them myself! The Cheese & Thyme were my favorite! Lol! We will order more very soon!

Carolee B.

Oh my gosh, Melanie we all love the dog treats. The muffins are wonderful. My Mom and I tried the muffins, and we could eat them for breakfast. And the dogs Love all the treats. I gave my friend some for her dog and he really likes them also. Boy 1 oz is a lot of snacks. Thank you so much. I will be ordering more. The treats are so fresh. Thank you

Rachel S.

My dogs absolutely LOVE these treats!

Sally F. - Barkingdales

My daughter's dog learned a dog trick (spin) because he was so motivated to eat the Curry Sweet Potato & Apple muffins!!! I placed another order to work on roll over!

Tammy - Barkingdales

Bella says "Thank you" (bow-wow) for your tasty treats.  She's tried many samples at flea markets, craft fairs etc. and has NEVER reacted as she did with these Cheese and Thyme treats.  They must be the best.  Thanks!

Bella's mom

My dogs get the happy tail whips for their Healthy To The Maxx treats!

Sally Falk from Racine, WI

The dogs LOVE the treats!  Thank you.

Tina C.

Our two Italian Greyhounds absolutely LOVED the treats, what a BIG HIT!

Dana C.

Thank you for the generous amount of treats we won at Barkingdales. Jasper loves them!

Jackie G.

While exploring with my dog off leash I carry these treats with me and if Otto goes out of sight, I say "come" and he bolts back to me so fast because he knows he will be rewarded with a treat!  His response is AMAZING with these treats.

Rylee J

Hi, thank you for the treats, Duffy really enjoys them.  He gets VERY EXCITED when I pull out the brown paper bags!!  Keep looking out for our pets!!!

Brenda J

Our dachshunds love the salmon treats. The best part is that they're home made and healthy!

Lauri C.

My dogs know the sound of the brown paper bags that the treats are stored in, as well as the container we put the treats in when we refrigerate them.  We call them Miss Melanie treats!  That is all we have to say, "do you want a Miss Melanie treat", and they get SUPER excited!

Amy T.

Our dogs loved the Salmon Delight treats!

Rebecca P.

I have 2 Golden Retrievers that I love more than anything.  I wanted a healthy home made treat with no fillers, artificial coloring or flavors and no shelf life for a year! I found it! Healthy To The Maxx makes fresh treats that my dos love. You can't buy them in any store but you can go straight to the website, call/text or email your order. I want my dogs to fully enjoy their treats and stay healthy.

Katherine C.