The Story Behind These Amazing Treats


Naturally, when you make the decision to rescue a pet, you want the very best for them.  Maxx certainly deserved that, he was DROPPED OFF at a shelter with the rest of his brothers and sisters and developed PARVO!  Within 5 days my new little pup was back at the shelter being treated for this very dangerous life-threatening disease!  They made me relinquish my ownership in case he did not make it; my heart was broken and I was on edge until he recovered.  Shortly after that I moved back to Washington Island.  This is a small island and there are not many options for dog treats available and was not a company at that time.  I decided I would make him healthy treats, pouring all my love into them and spoiling my new puppy the best I could.  He beat PARVO; now he REALLY DESERVED the best!  What I was not expecting with my new found hobby was the bumps and the scratching!  My little pup was miserable!  I had brought some freshly baked treats to a friend of mine, who kindly declined my free samples and replied that her dogs were gluten intolerant.  DING DING DING…..those words changed my direction forever!   Once I changed the flour to gluten free, the bumps disappeared and the scratching subsided and we’ve never looked back; TOTAL LIFE CHANGER!!  I reached out to Bob’s Red Mill to see if they could deliver their bulk gluten free flour, steel cut oats and ground flaxseed meal products to our one and only grocery store.  They said they certainly could and that is how I became a Bob’s Red Mill loyal customer; I was so appreciative!  I opened a retail shop on the island and wanted to share my treats with other dog lovers, it was a huge hit.  Your dog does NOT need to be allergic to gluten or to grains to order these treats.  They are healthy, homemade so always fresh and delicious.  The dog’s reactions speak for themselves!  Go ahead and order some…you won’t regret it and your loyal loving companion pup will love you even more for it!